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Our Story

Emerging as an exclusive purveyor of moissanite, Namaqua Moissanite was born from the owner's captivation with the gemstone's unique fire and brilliance. A fascination he knew would resonate with others drawn to the mesmerizing allure of this gem. He quickly discerned the varying quality of moissanite in the market, sparking a vision.​Determined to offer only the finest moissanite, he poured his energy and time into sourcing the highest quality gems. His relentless pursuit of quality led to the establishment of Namaqua Moissanite as one of South Africa's premier suppliers of premium moissanite.​As the company flourished, so did the owner's curiosity for other gemstones. This led to an expansion of the company's offerings to encompass not just moissanite, but also Natural Diamonds, Lab Diamonds, a selection of Natural Gemstones - including Rubies, Emeralds, Aquamarines, Garnets among others, and Lab Created gemstones.

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Namaqua Moissanite offers


Premium Quality Moissanite


Natural Diamonds


Lab Diamonds


Natural Gemstones


Lab Grown Gemstones

Gold and Diamond Traders

We, @Gold and Diamond Traders, Durbanville value the excellent service of Namaqua Moissanite.

This company's staff is extremely knowledgeable, kind and ALWAYS willing to walk the extra mile for their clients.

Reliable, honest and trustworthy!

The quality of Namaqua Moissanite's stones is above the average market and it is very difficult to beat their prices on the quality stones they deliver.

We wish this company a prosperous new year!

Know that Namaqua Moissanites is our prefered supplier.

We do value this company.


Gold and Diamond Traders, Durbanville

Palm Grove Centre


084 4955 639

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