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Namaqua Moissanite

Est 2019

The original South African Premium Moissanite Brand


Our Moissanite is graded and certified by The Gem Lab in Cape Town, one of the most trusted names in the gemological industry in South Africa.

We also pride ourselves in our lifetime replacement warranty against scratching, chipping or discoloration.


Moissanite has more Brilliance than Diamonds, which means more sparkle! Best of all, it costs only a fraction of the price of Diamonds!

Moissanite has more “fire” than Diamonds. The so-called “fire” effect is another name for dispersion of light, which refers to how the gem breaks down light into spectral colors. When light enters Moissanite, the fire produced is more intense than that in diamond, which means your gemstone reflects more intense colors.

Moissanite is the second hardest material on Earth! It is highly scratch and chip resistant due to its hardness of 9.25 to 9.5 on the Mohs Scale.




 Moissanite has a property known as double refraction, when a ray of light passes through the gemstone it is slowed, bent and split in two.


To some degree it is this property that gives Moissanite its amazing fire. Every double refractive gem has at least one direction in which the material behaves like a singly refractive gem.


This is referred to as the optic axis, and does not break light into two rays.  

Gold and Diamond Traders


We, @Gold and Diamond Traders, Durbanville value the excellent service of Namaqua Moissanite.

This company's staff is extremely knowledgeable, kind and ALWAYS willing to walk the extra mile for their clients.

Reliable, honest and trustworthy!

The quality of Namaqua Moissanite's stones is above the average market and it is very difficult to beat their prices on the quality stones they deliver.

We wish this company a prosperous new year!

Know that Namaqua Moissanites is our prefered supplier.

We do value this company.


Gold and Diamond Traders, Durbanville

Palm Grove Centre


084 4955 639


Nicole Jordan Design

“It's always a pleasure dealing with Innes, fast response and easy communication. They even offer custom cut moissanites and Lap grown diamonds. 5 star review from my side"
“Fantastic service and most of all absolutely gorgeous stones that are independently certified by a trusted laboratory. Namaqua Moissanite has also provided us with custom cut stones in shapes and sizes not readily available. We love the stones as much as our customers do!”

Ive been dealing with Abraham for 5 years now and both him and his company have been the absolute best to deal with. I can't think of a trader who has walked more miles for me in 25 years of doing business. it feels like I've known him for 25 years instead of 5. Their personal touch and professional business accumen has made it an absolute pleasure to buy certified moissanite, LG Diamonds and from what I understand, now also natural diamonds and gemstones. 5 years ago they were doing moissanites only to my knowledge. This is a company going from strenth to strenth based on good old school business methods. With them, you're not just a voice on the line.

I support and endorse them 100%

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